My WebX App – Instant Site Builder


Manage all your social media postings from one place.


1. Can I change the logo?
Yes !

Easily change the logo of the by uploading your own logo image. You can also choose a text version and a type style instead of an image logo.

2. Change I change the heading names?

For example you can change “About Us” to “About Me” or “My Social Media Posts.”

3. Can I easily change the skin and font styles of my template?

You can change the colours as well.

4. Can I make my site without having to have any technical knowledge?
Yes !

The MyWeb X App is designed to be easy to create and customize your site.

5. How long does it take to get my site setup?
Your site can be setup in less than 20 minutes.

It all just depends on how quickly you type! You add in your name, description, pricing, etc and your site is done. If you need help with this just ask us! Our team is glad to help do this for you and make sure your images are cropped correctly and colour corrected if needed.